Tuesday, December 16, 2008

where I stand

So, I took an inventory last night. I'm in remarkably good shape! I do like a mostly handmade Christmas. I love thinking of things that are unique and interesting, and (hopefully) useful and appreciated.
This year, there are a number of beaded personalized bookmarks. Now, I know they are bookmarks, but I'm not sure everyone else will, hence the wrapping: (the script may be hard to read - it says, believe it or not, "Personalized Bookmark".
Then there's a number of knitted bracelets: along with a ton of beaded necklaces and such (not shown - sorry!)
And cards! Come on, I work for a sticker and scrapbooking company! OF course there are cards! Most of the women are getting a dozen monogrammed note cards, and my MIL, card sender extraordinaire, is getting this stack of "thinking of you", "get well soon", and general cards.

And my favourite thing? 12"x12" scrapbook paper makes the perfect size origami box for so many things...This one looks a little washed out, but it's the cutest blue toned snowflake-y printed paper. We have the coolest Christmas themed papers, and for under a dollar, I can make this two piece box! Yes, I admit it, small things amuse me!

Now, if I could only figure out how to knit a Wii... (late edit - I got one! (okay, two...) Wiis are not easy to find this year, and we hedged our bets and got on waiting lists in two places, and scored both times. There's a girl I work with that is very happy, because we will sell her one. Lots of happy kids this year!

THere's lots of other handmade things - pajamas for my boys, knitted handwarmers, scarves and sweaters, woven things, and other gifts of love. Dudes, I love this time of year...


Sel and Poivre said...

What a lucky bunch of Christmas recipients you have!

Needles said...

So lovely. I admit to thinking about crocheting boxes instead of wrapping, but I never thought about making paper boxes, but it is a great idea.

That is it, I'm just going to have to be better prepared.

Oh, by the by, one of the ladies in knitting group on Wednesday, says, she likes making the beaded braclets, but she isn't addicted. Its been 2 weeks since she took the class and she has made 3. Addicted!

Carol said...

Very nice presents! The origami box is adorable!