Wednesday, December 17, 2008

if you have kids, you HAVE to do this,,,

Portable North Pole

click this link, answer a few questions about your child, download a picture of them, and Santa sends them a video email, PERSONALIZED to them!

When I first saw this, I'm thinking, some cheesy animated crap, since we all know how busy Santa is at this time of year. He doesn't have time for this. But he does! He sent my son the coolest ever video message! And it's the real Santa, not an animation!

Am I sounding a little excited about this? Sorry, but it really is worth it! My husband's company has a party for all the kids on the 24th, and he is collecting all the videos from the parents in his company to show all the kids that come - I can't wait to see it.

One note - the answer about how he knows who's naughty or nice? It could creep out some kids - thinking that elves are sneaking around your house spying on you. I love the flying reindeer answer, personally!


TracyKM said...

Thanks Sandra! I did one for each of the kids, and posted the link on my facebook page and several others say they're doing it too now. My son is at the early doubting age and I think he was the most impressed out of the three kids, LOL. The other ones were like "of course he knows I"m 6 and live in Ontario and want jewellry" LOL.
We're also hooked on the paper snowflake site and the design your own Christmas sweater site!

Alexandre BĂ©rard said...

Hi Sandra. Thanks for writing about Portable North Pole last December. Hope everyone at your husband's work enjoyed what he put together for them last year. We're excited to be back again this year, in partnership with Sympatico and benefitting Unicef Canada. You'll see a few upgrades that I think you'll enjoy: adapted scenarios tailored specifically to kids under two, a map that shows the path Santa and his reindeer will take as they travel from the North Pole to your home north of Toronto, and a fun version for your adult friends who have been naughty or nice. We know half the pleasure of PNP is actually creating the videos, so we'll leave you the pleasure of sending your son and husband their own messages from Santa. All the best to you and your family for the holiday season.

CEO UgroupMedia (creator of PNP)