Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy and Sad

Today marks the figurative end of summer - Sad.
But it's the start of a long weekend! - Happy!
But we're attending my Aunt/Godmother's funeral. - Sad
She's really in a better place though, even it's tough on my Mom and the family. - qualified Happy.
Son finally has a chance to wear the dress pants we bought before he outgrows them - Happy.
School starts next week - Happy! - my son actually likes school and is looking forward to getting caught up with friends and getting back into the swing of things
Less weekends at the cottage - Sad
Better weather for wearing handknits - Happy!
Now that we'll be home more weekends, let the home renovations begin - Happy/Sad
August used to mean the Yarn Harlot's visit - this year it's September! - Really Happy!


KnitTech said...

Overall, sounds like a happy win.

Brendaknits said...

The Yarn harlot comes to your house/cottage? I'm impressed.

Needles said...

I don't love the end of summer, but I sure do love the return of sweater weather.

Lucky Canuck said...

One good thing about being away for a week, is I get to come back to Curlerchik's fun posts!

I do love all seasons - so many possibilities for each.

Carol said...

I'm happy because Sept 16 I go on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Yarn Harlot's annual visit to our Guild is something to look forward to, for sure!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

My deepest condolences. Hope you doing okay.