Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to mittens

The hood was just a short break - there is still mitten knitting going on - I completed the Rowan Tweed ones:
Part of these were knitted during a car-pooled drive in I had with my boss - he GETS the knitting thing and always asks if I don't pull something out to knit right away when we carpool into work! One day we had a brutal snowy drive in that took us almost 2 hours - I got a cuff and up to the thumb break done that morning...

And the Deathflakes continue on. I wish they were more portable, but the charts and such make it tough to carry around. I will start another pair out of Cascade 220 (maybe a striped pair, using up the bits and pieces of Cascade I have hanging around...) They are perfect "carry around" knitting for wait times, swimming lessons, etc.

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KnitTech said...

The mittens are great. Knitting while others drive makes me a bit less crazy.